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How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

No doubt you’ve come across one of those enviable women who have achieved the seemingly impossible: getting their pre-pregnancy body back within weeks of having their baby. And no doubt you felt insanely jealous, right?

You’re certainly not alone – the majority of us do. Because for most of us, slipping back into our favorite jeans after our baby’s arrival isn’t so easy.

And with the added pressure of celebrity moms making it seem so easy to do, it’s little wonder that so many new moms begin feeling frustrated and disappointed in themselves when they are unable to mirror this success and lose pregnancy weight fast.

If you’re in this boat right now, don’t be discouraged! There are simple steps you can take that will hasten up your pregnancy weight loss and have you back in your favorite jeans in no time!

Keen to get started? Then lets start with 5 diet tips on how to lose pregnancy weight fast:

Eat small meals more frequently

Forget about eating the ‘normal’ 3 meals per day as this isn’t doing you any favors when it comes to losing pregnancy weight fast. Why? Because spacing these few meals out at 5 or so hours apart means that by the time you sit down to your next meal, chances are you will be super hungry, and therefore more inclined to overeat. Worse still, you may also be inclined to eat calorie-laden fatty or sugary snacks between meals as a quick fix to curbing your hunger. And clearly this isn’t the way to achieve fast pregnancy weight loss!

To avoid this kind of self-sabotage, eat ’small’ healthy meals often throughout the day. This will help eliminate the risks of overeating at meal times and succumbing to the hunger-driven eating of unhealthy snacks. And another major benefit of embracing this routine of eating smaller meals more often is that your body will metabolize the food you eat more efficiently, using up all of the energy it gains rather than storing any extra fat. Hallejuliah!

Your body won’t thrive on ‘diet foods’ alone

Diet foods are those overly-processed, empty calorie foods like weight loss snacks and meals which deprive your body of the metabolism-boosting, fat-burning nutrients abundant in whole foods.

It is crucial to eat nutrient-rich, whole foods that boost your metabolism and burn fat in order to help your body work more efficiently. The result? You will lose pregnancy weight faster.

Fill up on a variety of vegetables

It is incredibly beneficial to fill up on vegetables, not only because they are rich in vitamins and essential nutrients, but also because they are very low in calories, making consumption of the best way to avoid the experience of hunger pangs. Keep a stash of pre-chopped vegies like carrot, celery and capsicum in your fridge to snack on with ease whenever you feel hungry.

It’s also important to include a variety of vegetables in your diet and to cook them up in a variety of ways to ensure that you don’t become bored with eating them. Add in some seasonings during the cooking process to make them extra delicious!

Drink plenty of water

Drinking around 2 liters of water per day will also help you to lose pregnancy weight fast. Why? Because filling yourself up with water helps you avoid getting hunger pangs between meals, it helps ensure that you don’t overeat at meal times, and it helps eliminate the likelihood of you consuming unhealthy snacks between meals.

Avoid eating late in the evening

Eat your last meal at least 4 hours before you go to bed so that your body has adequate time to burn up the energy you’ve supplied without there being any energy left over to be stored as fat while you sleep.

Put these 5 diet-related tips into practice and you will be on the right track for shedding those unwanted pregnancy pounds faster, but savvy eating habits are only one part of the pregnancy weight loss puzzle…


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