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How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Losing those pounds gained while pregnancy is the biggest concern that afflicts a surprising majority of females once the entire sprint over the new entrant into the family gets over. While average weight loss after pregnancy must ideally be to the tune of 25-35 pounds (that’s when you had no pre-natal fat), most females find it tough to shed that fat and live up to the requisite average weight loss after pregnancy. Here is then a solution to all your woes. Read on to know of really effective ways to successfully achieve average weight loss after pregnancy:

Be Determined

Weight loss is as much about having the appropriate motivated state of mind as it is about taking the right steps. When it comes to post-pregnancy weight, the determination levels need to be further higher because it is not just the mother’s but the child’s health and needs too that are under the radar. After all, only a physically healthy and mentally fit mother can take the best care of a child. Keep that in mind and your determination levels would clamber at once. Set realistic goals and be determined to achieve them. Make sure that you go ahead with the approach that to be fit is extremely necessary for you and there is no way out. That would prevent you from deviating.

Exercise Adequately

I do not intend being preachy and repeating the oft-suggested solution for every health and fitness concern, but exercising really IS important. However, to achieve the ideal average weight loss after pregnancy, you would need to have a specialized plan and exercise moderation. Heavy exercises that otherwise could be thought of being indulged in would now have to be set aside as strenuous physical activity ( especially for lactating mothers) could shoot up the lactic acid levels in the milk and pose problem for the baby’s diet. The ideal average weight loss goals must be set at 3-5 lbs. a week and that should suffice. You would not need to devote much time or strain yourself much physically for that. Simply set apart one hour in the entire day and exercise lightly during that hour. Ideally you must begin with 10 minutes of warm ups followed by 45 minutes of cardio exercise. Remember that the body cannot take much strain and the exercise must be put on a slow but smooth routine.

Diet Is Very Important

Please understand that you can no longer take chances and adopt starvation diets or fad diets to lose weight as you would earlier. These are anyways unhealthy to be embraced by anyone but post pregnancy one needs to be extra cautious. Be focused on adding to your energy levels and not draining them! Take several healthy short meals during the day. Incorporate fresh juices (minus calories), soups, oats, fruits, green leafy vegetables and the likes in your diet. Also, ensure that you stay hydrated at all times. That would really help in boosting your metabolic levels.

Remember that average weight loss after pregnancy would not happen overnight. It took 9 months (or maybe more) for that fat to accumulate and only a disciplined, focused approach could budge that completely!


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