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Fast Weight Loss Diet Tips To Strip Fat

Here are 3 critical diet tips for anyone serious about losing weight:

1. Stay away from refined foods – research has shown that people who eat more refined foods, such as white bread, are more likely to have abdominal fat, because refined foods don’t give your body what it needs. Refined foods would include white bread, white refined sugar, your standard noodles and pasta – you get the picture.

These foods should be replaced with whole wheat bread, unrefined sugar or honey, and whole wheat pasta, which has significantly more nutritional value and will fill you up faster.

2. Eat more slowly. If you are a fast eater, you can put away a lot of food in a few minutes and your brain won’t know your stomach is full until 10 to 20 minutes after the fact. One way to curb this habit is to eat half of what is on your plate, then wait a few minutes. If you are still hungry, eat the rest.

Everyone knows a full glass of water before a meal will help you eat less, but less well known is an omega-6 or omega-3 capsule, 15 minutes before a meal, will diminish your appetite too.

3. Don’t Overdo Everything – When you make changes in your routine to accommodate your weight loss, sometimes you can sabotage yourself by overdoing.

First, the law of diminishing returns dictate that if you exercise an extra half an hour a day for a week, depending on your system, you could lose the same amount of weight as you would if you were exercising half as much. The second part of overdoing is if you go full force into making changes instead of taking a more relaxed approached, you could set yourself up to burn out more quickly.

These are three critically important tips that on their own will help you lose the weight and will also help you achieve a better level of health in the process.


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